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Process & Financing

From financing your home to the day your home is delivered, we are here to help every step of the way.


Customize Your Floor Plan

Build a home to fit your lifestyle by customizing one of our floor plans.

  • Choose an existing floor plan from the Homes page or answer a few easy questions to find a model that fits your needs.

  • Modify a few easy selections to create the home that is perfect for you.

  • Save your design to share with friends and family.

  • Take the next step towards purchasing your Epic home by speaking with a product specialist.


Finalize Your Home Needs

One of our knowledgeable product specialists will help you through each step of finalizing your home purchase.

  • Visit your local showroom to learn more about working with a local real estate agent to secure a home site.

  • Learn about financing options.

  • Finalize the details of your build quote.


Have it Made®

When you buy a Clayton Built® home, you can trust that you are buying a quality home that is built to last.

  • Skilled craftsmen assemble each element of your home in our climate-controlled building facilities.

  • As your home moves through each phase of construction, it is checked by different team members or outside inspectors who check for quality every step of the way.

  • This extensive internal inspection process in the building facility makes sure every part of the home meets HUD Code construction requirements.


Welcome Home

There are few things more exciting than the day your custom home is delivered.

  • Your local retailer will help guide you through preparing your land for delivery including making sure your land is level, compacted and crowned for proper drainage.

  • Then, the foundation will be constructed. Your local retailer will help you determine the proper foundation for your home.

  • After delivery day, an on-site construction crew will place your home on its foundation, anchor your home with tie downs, connect utilities, test hookups, install appliances, complete touch-ups and make sure your home is ready for move in.

  • Once your on-site construction crew has finished, you will receive the keys to your custom home!


As you work with a lender to secure financing for your new home, here is some information to help guide you down the road of purchasing your new home.

Before you select a lender, be sure to budget for costs in addition to a mortgage payment. Use the mortgage calculator to help estimate your monthly payment.

Expected costs

  • Permitting

    You will need to obtain required permits before your home can be delivered. Permits vary by location, but may include septic and building permits.

  • Land Purchase

    Before your home can be delivered, you will need to secure land for your home site if you don’t already own land. This land must be zoned for off-site built housing.

  • Site Prep

    A contractor will help you prep your land for delivery. It will need to be level and compacted, as well as crowned for proper drainage. You will also need a foundation for your home. A local retailer will help ensure your site is ready before delivery.

  • Taxes & Fees

    Taxes and fees vary by location. The responsibility of the property taxes can vary depending on whether you own the land your home is on or if you rent.

  • Home Insurance

    Home insurance protects your property from losses and damage. Different home types fall under different types of insurance and insurance providers will have policies tailored to each home type.

  • Down Payment & Deposit

    Once you have a final build quote from the builder and loan approval from the lender, and you have agreed upon a final purchase price, you will often need to provide a deposit and down payment.

Mortgage Calculator

We want to give you the tools to plan ahead by providing a mortgage calculator so you can plan for your monthly payments. Calculator results are only estimates.

Estimated monthly payment breakdown


per month

Principal and InterestHome InsuranceProperty Taxes
  • Principal and Interest


  • Home Insurance


  • Property Taxes


Please note: The results from the calculator are only estimates. There are additional costs to buying a home that may not be reflected in this calculator. Always compare loan offers you may receive before making your decision. Contact us to talk to a licensed loan specialist about loan options specific to your financial needs.


Learn about options for financing your custom home.

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The process

From design to delivery, we make the process easy.

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